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Kick Back 8oz

Kickback is one our first signature scent. This scent was offered to a few parents who wanted to try aromatherapy for their children and themselves as a form of meditation and relaxation.In conjunction with your daily supplements to improve your mind and body.....


Fall in love with the Empath scented candle as it causes love to bloom and flourish in your space! With magical notes of Lavender, Rosemary and Sage, this one-of-a-kind candle takes you down in Upendi ( love ) for the perfect dose of happiness, pacification and purification.

Profuse (8oz)

The word Profuse is an adjective and has to do with abundance lavishness and extravagance. In order to fulfill spiritual abundance you have to to fit the mindset by purposefully setting those intentions that will allow the mind to fully manifest those expectations ..

First lets talk about the packaging! I can tell my product is going to be amazing when so much care is put into the packaging alone. These candles burn so nicely. The smell is amazing, truly relaxing. Definitely going to order again. And the customer service is the best!

Jennifer R

This candle beautifully adds to the deliciousness of the sacred sexuality experience shared between my partner and myself. The scent is bold but not overpowering; it really does aid in the welcoming of nurturing, calming, and healing energies. The oil is rich and smooth with a bearably hot initial temperature.


Really love these candles! They are subtle and are high quality. The massage candles have a proper slower burning wick. Also, they were so great at communicating. They also gave me a specialized candle— which smells incredible. I plan on buying all my candles through CognitiveCoaching. Part of what I appreciated is you can see the labor of love in these candles.


It took a while for me to finally receive the candle but it was worth it! The first time I order I waited a week and nothing came not even an update on my shipping. I messaged and got a quick and kind response. So I waited a while longer and still no candle. I was disappointed and thought it was never gonna come. I messaged the company and they were so attentive and so shockingly accommodating as well!! They exceeded my expectations for customer service! As for the candle it smells great and looks so pretty. I tested the wax on my skin and it felt amazing on my skin and not at all hot!


When I first came across this candle line I was amazed at how wonderful she made her blends. After using their candles and learning that they can also be applied to the skin is a deal breaker for me . Cant wait to reorder. These candles last a very long time and don't burn out quickly. High quality ingredients . I even recommended this line to a local gift shop in my neighborhood .


Hooked and addicted to the candles. My kids loved the concentration line. Oils feel great on skin. Definitely recommend to all. Leaves the home smelling great!


This candle is AMAZING. The scent is very strong (which I LOVE- most candles are weak) and the massage aspect worked well. I would love to try more in the future but am hoping there's a pickup option


Lovely candles...burn so nice ! Look like art with the little flowers in the wax! Definitely the highest quality/best deal if you’re looking for a soy/essential oil blend candle. Also seller was super kind. I’ll be back for more !!!


Very pretty and the scents were amazing! Anything from this seller would make a fantastic gift!

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