Captivating Prenatal Aromatherapy Candles Fertility Candle
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Rebirth Candle, If this sounds a little like a wax play, you wouldn’t be wrong. Like candles used in wax play, massage candles are a great option for people who are also interested in temperature play. The major difference is that, unlike the wax from the paraffin and soy Empath scented candles used in wax play, which hardens on the body, massage candles melt down into body-safe oils that are meant to be absorbed by the skin.

    However, Setting a little mood lighting before getting to the action is never a bad idea—especially if the sultry ambience is courtesy of Rebirth Candle that meltdown into massage oils. Not only is massage Fertility Candle super romantic, but they’ll also allow you to incorporate some handsy foreplay into the mix.

    Know more about Fertility Candle

    Delectable and unforgettable, this luxurious candle is one to take you down olfactory memory lane!

    Delicately hand-poured into a magnificent white clay vessel interspersed with gold dust for an edge of ethereality, this charming candle infuses an upscale ambience that soothes and uplifts.

    Rebirth Candle, throwing off unique notes of Ginger, Jasmine, Mandarin, Tyme, Celery Seed and Bergamot, this one-of-a-kind prenatal candle provides a captivating scent combination that calms, comforts, and clears bleak thoughts.

    Embellished with Bay leaf, Life-Everlasting and Rose, this beautiful candle creates an atmosphere of aromatic delights along with all the amazing benefits of aromatherapy!


    • Soothing Aromatherapeutic Benefits
    • Hand-poured Premium Quality
    • 100% Soy Wax
    • Clean Burning Wick
    • 40+ Hour Burn Time
    • Cruelty-Free
    • Clay Pot can be re-used 

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