Luxury Massage Oil Candle
Profuse | Luxury Massage Oil Candle
Luxury Massage Oil Candle
Profuse | Luxury Massage Oil Candle

Profuse | Luxury Massage Oil Candle

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The word Profuse is an adjective and has to do with abundance lavishness and extravagance. In order to fulfill spiritual abundance, you have to fit the mindset by purposefully setting those intentions that will allow the mind to fully manifest those expectations.

This luxury massage candle was created to set the tone for a peaceful mind. 

Magically, bergamot is strongly associated with the Sun and is used in rituals to clear the mind and spirit, dispelling the shadows of depression, despondency, and fogginess that can come from focusing too much on worry and problems.

Know more about Profuse Luxury Massage Oil Candle

It can help us reconnect to our higher selves, lightening us up so that we can once again enjoy humor and happiness. It also has a protective quality, shielding us from negative impulses that may be lurking in the shadows of our thought patterns.

If you feel a slide into sadness or despair coming on, use a few drops of bergamot oil in a ritual bath to sort yourself out! Alfalfa herbs are used for health, prosperity, and good fortune. As a luck-bringing herb, Alfalfa is often assigned to Jupiter without much fuss. Fair enough.


  • Multiple Aromatherapeutic Benefits
  • Hand-poured Premium Quality Candle
  • Vegan and Eco-friendly Processing
  • Clean Burning Candle 
  • 40+ Hour Candle Burn Time
  • Cruelty-Free 

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